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This is the Radio X supporters page.

  • Click the Buy Me A Coffee link, chuck in a fiver with a message and you’ll get your name and message right here AND you’ll forever be a Radio X GC!
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  • It is genuinely appreciated as the costs to keep the website and software license running are fucking expensive!
  • You’ll get sent random shit for FREEEEEEEE!
  • Knightrider – Keep up the great work Trotty!!! Longtime listener first time donated nnnnnnggggggg bring back the pirates
  • Topher – Trotty isn’t a shit (in the “say something nice” space)
  • Roofing Industries – Not sure why I still do it but I do. Can pick ya friends, but ya stuck with ya good mates. Love your work trotty
  • Special Needs Jimmy – (no message, I’m illiterate)
  • kiwimetalhead – The greats always go the distance! Keep going balls deep Trotty 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  • Frank The Tank
  • *your name here*